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Traveling this holiday season? Here are your top travel questions answered

This upcoming weekend kicks off our busy Christmas and New Year's holiday period and many of our travelers have questions. Here are answers to 10 of the top inquiries TPA has received in recent months to help your holiday flying go smoothly.

1. I need to fly to another state or country. How will I know the COVID-19 requirements/restrictions upon arrival?

Many states and cities accross the U.S. have different travel restrictions in place. The CDC has compiled the most up-to-date info here which allows you to type in the city and state you're traveling to and get all the necessary information. 


2. Can I bring my expensive perfume or jar of cranberry sauce through the TSA checkpoint?

Ahh, the age-old "what can I bring through TSA" question. Well, TSA has created this awesome page where you can type in your item in question and they'll tell you if it's allowed in your carry-on! 

3. I heard you have COVID-19 testing at TPA. How do I get tested? How soon before my flight should I test? What is the cost of the test?

Yes, we have voluntary COVID-19 testing and yes, it's available for all passengers! For answers to all of your COVID-19 testing at the Airport questions, check out BayCare's page here

4. When are you getting European flights back?

Good question! We currently do not have a scheduled return date for any of our European flights, but we've recently resumed the following international destinations: Cancun, Mexico, Havana, Cuba, Nassau, Bahamas and Toronto, Canada. 

For the latest country-by-country info on travel restrictions, please click here

5. Which shops and restaurants will be open on my airside when I get there?

Hungry? Thirsty? Wondering which of your favorite Airport restaurants will be open when you travel through TPA? Information about what shops and restaurants are open can be found here.

6. What are you doing to keep me safe when I travel through TPA?

We're glad you asked. TPA has implemented an Airport-wide campaign called TPA Ready in order to keep our facilities clean and safe for guests and employees. Those initiatives include:

  • More hand sanitizing stations
  • New acrylic barriers at ticketing kiosks, TSA lines and gate areas
  • Blocked off seating to allow for social distancing
  • Added signage to encourage social distancing
  • Mandatory face masks for all airport employees
  • Additional cleaning crews
  • Contactless payment at shops and restaurants
  • Touch-free ticket dispensers at parking garages

7. Do I need a negative COVID test to fly into Tampa?

Currently, the state of Florida has no travel restrictions in place. For all COVID-19-related travel questions, visit the Florida Department of Health website or contact the Florida Department of Health at (866) 779-6121 or email COVID-19@flhealth.gov.


8. Am I required to wear a mask in the Airport or on my airline? 

The City-wide mask mandate requires that all patrons inside the Airport wear a face covering. To learn more about this and potential exemptions to this rule, visit Tampa.gov. Airlines may have individual requirements or regulations for face masks, so we suggest you reach out to your airline directly on any specific inquiries. Forgot your mask? Just stop by our information desk for a free face covering or any of our News Link stores to purchase an N-95 mask.

9. How long before my flight should I arrive at the Airport? 

Yes, times are a bit strange and the Airport may not have as high passenger volume as normal, but we still suggest passengers arrive at least two hours before their flight departs. This allows for social distancing at our ticketing counters and gates and limits congestion at security checkpoints. If you are flying international, we suggest arriving at least three hours early. 

10. Does my service animal need to wear a mask?

Although he/she would probably look pretty cute, no, we do not require that service animals mask up. 

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