18:21 PM

Airport Reveals New Design

February 3, 2011

For Ticketing and Bag Claim Curbsides

TAMPA – Tampa International Airport is modernizing its Ticketing and Baggage Claim curbsides and drives. Last year, the Aviation Authority hired Alfonso Architects to create a new modern design concept for its 40-year-old exterior curbsides. The design is now complete and the $11.6 million project is ready for construction. 

The improvements will consist of enhanced way finding, signage, and lighting in the curbside areas and adjacent approach drive lanes, refurbished check in podiums and additional aesthetic features will be added to modernize the curbside areas. These improvements will complement the recently upgraded interior finishes of the Landside Terminal Building 

“Customer service is an essential element in the travel experience and it’s something that we take into account in all of our projects,” said Joe Lopano, CEO of Tampa International Airport. 

“With this renovation project of the curbsides and drives, we know that our customers will notice the enhanced lighting, signage and overall improved appearance, the moment they arrive at the Airport. We’re going to make a great first impression.” 

The changes to the curbside will include the following features: 

  • Signage improvements 
  • Traffic flow and pedestrian safety enhancements 
  • Light fixture replacement 
  • New pedestrian sidewalk surfaces 
  • New glass panel features to help brighten the appearance 
  • Replace waterproof coating on the Ticket Level Drive lanes 
  • Overall general refurbishment of the curbside to improve aesthetic appearance 

In keeping with the Airport’s established Green Initiatives, the project includes energy saving lighting solutions. The Ticketing and Baggage Claim Drives contain 1,200 light fixtures with lamps that must be changed every 12 months. The new lighting system will be brighter, cost less to operate and maintain, last longer and will help create a safer and more welcoming appearance for the users of the Airport. 

The construction contract is scheduled to be awarded at the April board meeting and will take 365 days to complete. Renovation will take place during off-peak hours to help minimize any inconvenience to our customers.