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New year, new you? Here's 10 healthy - and delicious! - food options at TPA

Traveling in January usually means one of two things: ruining your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy or eating bland, low-cal meals to overcompensate for all that holiday indulgence. Fear not, resolutionists! At TPA, we believe in another option: enjoying healthy AND delicious food right here at the Airport. Check out the best healthy options at each of our Airsides. Bon appetit!



Main Terminal:

Picking up a friend or loved one at TPA? Come on in, stay a while! Our Main Terminal boasts lots of food options from fast and fresh like Wendy’s and Chick-fil-a, to sit-down dining at Hard Rock and P. F. Chang’s – each with healthy options AND outdoor dining terraces! Our faves:

Wendy’s – Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (570 calories)

It’s so much more than just a salad. Indulge in the crunchiness of candied pecans and crisp Granny-Smith apples with a bite of juicy grilled chicken and blue cheese crumbles. Do we have your attention yet? The salad comes with a sweet pomegranate dressing and adds up to 570 calories! Not so hungry? Order the half portion and cut your calories to just under 300.

P. F. Chang’s – Beef and broccoli (670 calories and shareable)

Fiending for some protein with an Asian twist? P.F. Chang’s Beef with broccoli offers a full portion of flank steak seared to goodness with ginger, soy and green onions. Get your veggie fix with crunchy broccoli for only 670 calories. P.F. Chang’s serves their entrees family-style, so it’s meant to be shared – meaning you might have some calories left for that fortune cookie.

Airside A:

Burger 21 – Impossible burger (474 calories)

Yes, it IS possible and it tastes like real beef! It’s no news that Burger21 has great handhelds, but did you know they serve a sustainable option without the guilt? The impossible burger, which is a plant-based burger patty with red onion, vine-ripened tomato and lettuce, comes on toasted brioche bun and tastes like the real deal with only 474 calories! Vegan? Get it on the wheat or lettuce bun.

*OR try the black bean burger - pictured below. 

Pei Wei – Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl (440 calories)

It’s Poke, ok? This delicious entrée is a full bowl of sushi-grade ahi tuna poke with Sriracha lime aioli, toasted sesame seeds, scallions and Asian slaw served with wonton chips. Coming in at only 440 calories, go ahead and get the edamame, too!


Airside C:

Ulele – Avocado Toast (605 calories)

If you didn’t know that every restaurant at our Airsides serves breakfast, now you know. Got an early flight and want to keep things light? Stop by the restaurant well-known to Tampa residents for its Native American, unique cuisine, and enjoy some avocado toast! The popular menu item keeps things simple with multigrain toast, avocado and two poached eggs drizzled with red pepper extra virgin olive oil. This morning treat has 605 calories and enough protein to hold you over, even on those cross-country flights.

RumFish Grill – Grouper Sandwich (860 calories - with bun and sauce)

Come to Tampa for the beaches and weather, stay for the seafood. This sandwich serves up a whopping portion of grouper, spilling over the bun, atop onion, tomato, lettuce and remoulade. Being super good? Toss the bun and sauce and you’ll cut your calories to a mere 280!

Airside E:

Four Green Fields – Potato Leek Soup (525 - bowl, 350 - cup)

TPA’s Four Green Fields, around the corner from Airside E’s security checkpoint, serves up traditional Irish pub food, and even has some healthy options! Our choice: the Potato Leek Soup. This vegan-friendly Irish staple is sure to warm the soul and has only 350 calories per cup.

Panda Express – Black Pepper Chicken (280 calories)

Panda Express might not come to mind when you’re considering healthy options, but all meat options at this Asian to-go spot come in under 500 calories each serving (yes, even the orange chicken!) Try out the black pepper chicken for an oriental twist on grilled chicken, prepared with celery, onions & fresh ground black pepper, tossed in a wok with a mild ginger soy sauce. Starving? Order a double portion, and you’ll still only be at 560 calories!

*OR try the Kung Pao Chicken pictured below

Airside F:

The Café by Mise en Place – Pan Seared Salmon (707 calories - full entree)

If you’ve dined at the Mise en Place street location in South Tampa, you know that this local gem lives up to its name. “Mise en Place,” translates to “everything in its place,” which both the Airport and street locations of the restaurant exemplify in their food, presentation and atmosphere. The French-style cuisine masters the construction of unique dishes like our favorite – the Pan Seared Salmon, served with curry green apple vinaigrette, steamed jasmine rice, grilled asparagus, roasted roma tomatoes. This full entrée will set you back 707 healthy calories, and is well-worth every one of them.

Yogurtology – all yogurts (under 160 calories)

Want something sweet that won’t ruin your diet? Fro-yo is always the answer. All of the frozen yogurt options at Yogurtology on Airside F ring in under 160 calories per serving! The lowest start at just 80 calories for a half cup, meaning more room for yummy toppings like fresh fruit, Boba or assorted nuts.

Want to choose your own favorites? Check out our shopping and dining guide


What's your favorite healthy go-to option at TPA? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Raymond Christopher
The Grouper sandwich!!!!YES!!!!....TPA the finest airport in America!!!!in every which way!!!!good morning!!
Faith D Biggs
Impossible Burger! So excited about that option! And, of course, the Grouper Sandwich from Rum Fish Grill has my mouth watering!!! So happy to see more vegetarian/pescatarian options!!!