18:14 PM

Red Express Curbsides construction continues as old Administration Building is removed

TPA Red Express Curbsides Admin demolition 1

As TPA’s old Administration Building comes down on the Red Side of the Main Terminal, work is ramping up to prepare the existing structure for the Red Express Curbsides.

Airport staff vacated the building earlier this year to move into the new SkyCenter One office building at the south end of Airport property. The 1970s-era Administration Building is currently being demolished to make way for the new Curbsides, but the concrete support columns that ran through the building will remain.

The work is a complex process. Crews are installing temporary steel bracing to the columns while the Administration Building is removed. Workers will then expand the size of the existing columns with concrete to enable the construction of the new Red Express Curbsides building, which will function the same as the current Blue Express Curbsides that opened in 2021. 

In addition, a temporary lane change has been built into the Red Arrivals lanes to give construction crews room to build new ramps for the Curbsides.

The Red Express Curbsides are scheduled to open by Summer 2025.

The Main Terminal’s third floor will eventually expand over the new Red Express Curbsides building to hold the future shuttle station for Airside D. The new airside terminal is Phase 3 of the Airport’s 2022 Master Plan Update and is scheduled to open in 2028.  

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