15:28 PM

TPA Ready Update: Florida travelers face varying border restrictions across the globe

Before planning that summer or weekend getaway, know the restrictions before you go

With Americans planning hundreds of millions of trips this summer, local and national governments and health agencies around the world are putting restrictions in place to keep their communities safe from COVID-19. Florida, in particular, is considered a virus hot zone given this month’s spike in cases, causing other U.S. states or cities to order extra precautions for traveling Floridians or those who recently visited Florida.

Within the U.S., the rules and enforcement of quarantines can vary. The City of Chicago recently issued an emergency travel order requiring any incoming travelers from states with rising cases – including Florida – to quarantine for 14 days or the duration of their stay in the city, whichever time period is longer. Signage around O’Hare and Midway airports alerts passengers to the order, which largely relies on self-regulation and does not apply to the rest of Illinois.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut also require those traveling from Florida to self-quarantine. People who enter Alaska or Hawaii also face restrictions that require either proof of a negative COVID test within a specific time period or a 14-day quarantine.

U.S. travelers planning trips, whether by air or on the road, should always check with the state or territory health department of their destination before visiting to review any COVID-related restrictions or health requirements, as they change frequently. The CDC provides links to all state and territorial health department websites, as well as other great resources for travelers.

International travel poses even more challenges for U.S. travelers, as many countries have border restrictions that range from banning all non-essential foreign travelers to simply filling out a form at customs. 

The IATA’s TravelCentre site has an interactive world map that is updated regularly and lists the various restrictions by country. Travelers should also check out the World Health Organization’s site for the most thorough and up-to-date information about COVID outbreaks and best practices.

TPA now has a TPA Ready resource page to help keep passengers informed about the latest health and safety procedures at the Airport, as well as a list of available nonstop flights from Tampa to make travel planning easier.