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Twenty years post-grunge, Seattle’s music scene is still cool

While Seattle’s music roots run long and deep, it was the surge of the grunge scene in the 1990s that caught the world’s attention. Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains were all spawned from the city’s inspiring counter-culture vibe, which also gets ample credit for the flannel-and-ripped jeans craze.

Two decades later, Seattle’s indie and alternative music scene still thrives, though it’s evolved beyond just the dark, edgy sound of grunge and metal. Take one of Tampa International Airport’s nonstop daily Alaska Airline flights from Tampa to Seattle and see for yourself why the Emerald City still rocks. In fact, music lovers can build a whole Seattle trip around music festivals, small bar shows and record stores.

One of Seattle’s most famous concert venues, the 80-year-old Showbox at Pike Place Market, has played host to some of the city’s most famous bands, as well as touring national and international acts. If you’re looking to discover the next Melvins or Mother Love Bone, or you simply prefer a more intimate live music experience, check out the Seamonster Lounge or the Sunset Tavern. You’re sure to stumble on to a surprisingly good solo artist or even a masterful cover band at any bar or restaurant that has a stage, as Seattle is home to a wide variety of career musicians and up-and-coming acts.

In the age of digital downloads, Seattle has a surprising number of record stores selling amazingly vast selections of vinyl, CDs and even cassette tapes. Easy Street Records is among the more well-known with its exhaustive collection of records, CDs and merchandise of all genres, and it often hosts meet-and-greets or album release parties with bands. It also has a breakfast and lunch café with fun dishes named after famous musicians.

Finally, if you’re in Seattle to attend any one of its famous music festivals or a music-lover simply looking for a fun place to stay, check out Hotel Max, which has an entire floor of rooms that homage to the indie rock label Sub Pop Records.

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