03:33 AM

CDC changes masking recommendations, but TSA mask requirement remains in place at airports

Check-in counter with masks

On Friday, the CDC relaxed its guidance on indoor masking requirements in response to declining COVID-19 cases across the country. According to the new guidance, nearly 70 percent of the U.S. population lives in areas considered low or medium risk. 

The new guidance however does not change the Transportation Security Administration’s current face mask requirement for individuals traveling through airports including Tampa International. Airports and all other transportation hubs are still under a federal order requiring masks indoors. That mandate is set to expire on March 18 and airports are still awaiting a decision from the Transportation Security Administration on whether it will be extended again. 

Until the federal order is lifted, masks continue to be mandatory for all employees, passengers and guests at Tampa International Airport. Guests requiring face masks may purchase them in our shops or pick up disposable face masks free of charge at the Guest Services kiosk located on Level 3 of the Main Terminal. Exemptions to the face mask requirement for travelers under the age of 2 years old and those with certain disabilities as well as civil penalty fines remain in place.