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Ilana Goldenberg, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Strategy

With a broad worldview and a passion for community activism, Ilana Goldenberg finds herself right at home at Tampa International Airport, making a unique difference for both her organization and TPA’s passengers. As the Airport's Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Strategy, Ilana gets to use her creativity and analytical skills every day to help attract visitors to the region, shape consumer behavior to increase Airport revenues, and partner with airlines that connect people across the globe.

Born in New York, Ilana moved to Tampa when she was 5 years old. With both of her parents immigrating from Israel, Ilana developed a strong connection to her heritage and religion. Her background shaped her viewpoint from an early age, and she grew up feeling very connected to international issues and other cultures. This motivated her to pursue a bachelor's degree in International Affairs at Florida State University.

While there, Ilana found her voice on campus. She was the President of the Israel advocacy group at FSU and an active member of Hillel, the world’s largest Jewish campus organization. Through her work with these groups, she realized that she had a special perspective that could help others.

“I always felt connected to immigrants or children of immigrants,” Ilana said. “My time in college made me realize that I saw the world a bit differently.”

Ilana spotlight Western WallIn 2011, she decided to pursue her master's degree in International Affairs at Tel Aviv University. During her time there, Ilana started an internship at the British Embassy that later turned into a full-time job. While she loved her life in beautiful Tel Aviv, she missed home and knew she wanted to put her roots down closer to family. After four years in Israel, she decided it was time to return to Tampa.

Upon moving back home in 2015, Ilana started her journey at the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, which operates TPA, as a Marketing Intern and quickly learned the ropes. She was hired as a full-time Coordinator within a couple of months and then traveled with her team to an international conference in South Africa immediately after she took on the role. Ilana soon moved on to become a Manager, and then last year, was promoted to Senior Manager.

In her role, Ilana oversees the digital advertising and marketing campaigns that help promote TPA’s nonstop routes, goods, and services. As a marketing liaison working with various TPA departments, Ilana spearheads all promotions of parking, concessions, hiring efforts and passenger awareness of amenities. Additionally, she leads the Air Service Incentive Program, managing marketing incentives for six airlines and a total of 18 routes.

“It’s really cool to see us making money by spending money,” Ilana said. “For instance, with parking, we make $3 for every dollar we spend on a parking campaign. We’re targeting the right people,Ilana spotlight family we’re getting our money’s worth, and it’s increasing airport revenue.”

Ilana has always been motivated to lead change, and her time at TPA has been no exception. As a member of the Aviation Authority’s newly formed Employee Experience Council last year, she played a key role in improving parental leave policies for the organization. As a new parent herself, she along with her fellow Council members highlighted the benefits of longer time at home to adjust as a family. Their efforts paid off, and the Aviation Authority’s Executive Team increased its parental leave time to three months.

“It’s meaningful to give employees a platform through which they can join together to voice what they think should change, or express what's important,” Ilana said.

When she’s not working, Ilana enjoys spending time with her husband and her 3-year-old daughter, Mazi. She also enjoys hanging out with her siblings, parents, and extended family, most of whom live in Tampa as well.

Even with a busy career and a child to raise, Ilana still makes time to connect with her heritage and continues lending her passionate voice and skills she has honed over the years. She currently sits on two boards, The Tampa Jewish Community Centers and Federation and the Tampa Bay Organization of Women in International Trade, working to make a difference and advocating for change on issues that are close to her heart.