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We asked, you answered: Frequent travelers share their favorite TPA hacks

There's no shortage of tips, tricks and shortcuts when traveling through TPA, as we recently learned from our social media fans.

Recently, Tampa International Airport's social media team asked its Facebook community members to spill the beans on some of their top TPA travel tricks. Hundreds of responses quickly piled up, with several common favorites emerging. Here are five tips we pulled straight from our commenters to help make your next journey through TPA a little easier.

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Hack 1: Don't sleep on the Blue Express Curbsides. If you’re traveling with just a carry-on bag and have your boarding pass ready to go, Norma and Cassie recommended using the Blue Express Curbside for an easy drop off and pick up. Located on the Blue Side of the Main Terminal, this curbside allows passengers to connect directly from the street to the Transfer Level on the third floor to catch the shuttle to an airside without mingling with the Baggage or Ticketing levels. No matter which airline you're flying on (the Red Express Curbside is now under construction), this curbside provides a fast and seamless experience the next time you choose to fly through TPA.

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Hack 2: Book parking ahead of time. Forget about parking hassles with these insider hacks from Ally and Sergio. Ally suggests parking in the Economy Garage and taking the SkyConnect train to the Main Terminal for an easy experience. Also, they highly recommended pre-booking your spot in order to secure a space and save some money. 

If you're looking for a parking option a little closer to your gate, Sergio’s hack is to find a spot on the fourth floor of the Long Term Garage. This floor's walkway to the Main Terminal is the closest and quickest way to get to all airsides. Plus, our new moving walkways add an extra convenience that will have you on your way faster than ever.

Hack 3: Private rooms for traveling mothers abound. For Michelle, a must-know hack when traveling through TPA are our nursing rooms. Traveling mothers looking for privacy will find these nursing rooms conveniently located in the Main Terminal and at each airside. These spaces, which offer comfortable seating, outlets, changing tables and sinks, allow mothers to take care of their little ones before their flight in the comfort of a private area.

Hack 4: Check that bag ahead of time. TPA's remote bag check service, mentioned by Tamara, offers travelers a seamless and convenient experience. Passengers flying with participating airlines have the option to check their luggage at the Rental Car Center, eliminating the need to lug bags on the SkyConnect train and through the terminals. This hassle-free service (which is available at no added cost) enhances the overall travel process by allowing individuals to travel bag-free between the Rental Car Center and the Main Terminal. Click here to watch a short video that highlights this amazing feature.  

Hack 5: Explore TPA with a complimentary tour. Ready for a behind-the-scenes look at TPA? Taking a guided tour presents an exciting educational opportunity for people of all ages. Julie chimed in with her experience taking one of the tours. The best part? They're entirely free of charge (you do need to book ahead). With schools getting back in session, teachers and organizers looking for engaging field trip options will find TPA's tours to be fun, educational and interesting. Airport tours are tailored to meet the special needs, specific interests or academic level of any group, and all groups are welcome. Ready to book a tour? Click here to find out more.