20:57 PM

Employee Spotlight: Amy Puyo, Airport Credentials Specialist

She’s part of a team that works quietly in the background, often only seen about once a year or so by most. And her work is critical in ensuring top safety and security standards at Tampa International Airport.

Meet Amy Puyo, one of four Airport Credentials Specialists responsible for processing the badging applications and renewals of more than eight thousand airport employees and contractors every year.

The airport’s employee and identification badging system is a critical part of the TPA security infrastructure, and there was no break in service, even during a pandemic. Amy says that the badging team stayed flexible and adjusted daily to the new cleanliness and safety protocols put in place.

“We would try different things to stay safe,” she said. “We would change hours, change locations and add in all of the safety measures. It was a learning curve.”

While passenger traffic plunged sharply at the start of the pandemic, other areas such as construction, ramped up. As a result, badging operations stayed consistent and the department’s need for a full staff at all times never wavered. They have continued to process anywhere from 60 to 80 employees a day.

Amy says that it wasn’t enough just to keep the office operating. The team was committed to maintaining their service standards.

“In badging, the employees are our customers,” Amy explains. “It’s important to us to treat everyone well.”

Originally from Colombia, Amy says that her bilingual skills often come in handy and the ability to communicate with someone in their first language provides an additional level of customer service.

When Amy’s not at TPA, she says her family is her world and that she and her husband cherish the time they have together at home with their two young children. Amy is also active in her church, particularly the music program.

“I love to sing. I’m always singing,” says Amy. “Music brings me joy and I hope to share that with my children.”

Amy brings her positive attitude to the airport every day and says its attitude that makes her team successful. As passenger traffic at Tampa International Airport continues to steadily climb, she reflects back on the past year and says that the strong bond of teamwork is the key to resilience.

“It’s how we all work together that makes the difference,” said Amy. “It was challenging, but we all made it.”