21:06 PM

Five unique amenities coming to SkyCenter One

SkyCenter One, which is now starting to go vertical, is no ordinary office building.

In addition to modern office spaces and unrivaled connectivity to Tampa International Airport, the building will offer up some impressive amenities for all employees and guests. Here are five of the coolest amenities coming to SkyCenter One.

COME ALL YE CYCLISTS: The Airport has constructed a roughly 1-mile long, 10-foot wide pedestrian and cycling trail around the SkyCenter site. The pathway provides an excellent opportunity for employees to take a break, stretch their legs, and get some exercise during the day. In the not-too-distant future, the trail will also link the Airport to Tampa Bay’s regional trail system, making it possible to bike from Pinellas County to TPA and beyond. Tampa International Airport, in early 2020, was named the first Bike-Friendly Airport by the League of American Bicyclists in recognition of its efforts to support cycling at the Airport and in the community.

KEEP YOUR BIKE SAFE: The building features 300 square-feet of secured indoor bike parking for all employees and guests. The building will have full locker rooms, including showering facilities, making cycling more feasible and comfortable for all.

STAY HEALTHY: This gym won’t be your typical office gym. With more than 5,000 square-feet of space, the SkyCenter One fitness center will feature roughly 28 pieces of fitness equipment, a classroom area for group work. But the best feature? Both locker rooms feature a steam room. It’s time to get your shvitz on!

GO PLATINUM: While there are plenty of amenities to keep you healthy, the building itself is being designed with the health of our environment in mind. The developer and contractor are working towards a LEED Platinum Certification, the highest ranking issued by the U.S. Green Building Council.


CHARGE IT: The amenities don’t stop with the building. The SkyCenter One parking garage, which is just to the north of building, features more than 60 Level 1 Electric Vehicle charging stations. These stations will be free and available to all tenants.