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Four top spots to watch the leaves fall

Fall is upon us, but for those in Florida, not much has changed other than the occasional morning drop in humidity and sporadic ocean breeze. In certain spots across the U.S., though, the leaves have already started changing colors, creating enchanting landscapes and autumnal aromas. 

During these COVID-stricken times, the most desireable destinations to visit seem to often include outdoor areas or locations with plenty of open space and fresh air. With that, we're here to share the top spots to get away, see the leaves shift shades and enjoy a true sense of fall weather. Oh, and you can get to those spots nonstop from TPA.

North Carolina

North Carolina is home to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville and Grandfather Mountain which are all driving distance from the Charlotte Douglas Airport. Stop at any of these spots and set up camp, rent a cabin or drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to witness the red, yellow and orange foliage that can only be seen during the fall months of the year. 

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Washington D.C.

Once you land in Virginia, you'll struggle to find a tree sans leaves with altered pigment. This sight is so common in the area that the D.C. Visitor's Bureau has dedicated an entire web page for visitors to find the most photographic spots to see the shifting leaves. Head to the renouned National Mall, Washington Monument or any of D.C.'s waterfronts, and you'll be surrounded by the sights of this season. 

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Surrounded by national forests and national parks, Pittsburgh makes for the perfect landing spot to witness fall's natural arboral display. Visit Pennsylvania lists the top 13 viewing spots with the best dates ranging from mid to late October, so book now!

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Providence, Rhode Island

Land in Rhode Island and you'll immediately be surrounded by bright oranges and ruby reds. Enjoy the view on Rhode Island's sandy shores or check out one of the Colonial towns the state is known for. You can even take a drive across the small state - which would only take you about an hour - and take in all the views.

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