15:41 PM

Frontline Faces: Andrew Fizell, Traffic Specialist

Andrew Fizell has enjoyed working at TPA at his position as an airport traffic specialist for nearly two years. The satisfaction of assisting guests and meeting new people makes every day unique, he said.

So when he was asked by Traffic Manager Robert Rinehart to consider accepting additional responsibility, he didn’t hesitate.

Andrew is one of TPA’s new Airport Resource Officers. As an ARO, Andrew works two to three shifts a week, responding to the calls that do not require a law enforcement officer, such as a minor injury on the premises.

Andrew learned on the job shadowing the Airport Police Department on the proper response procedure. When he arrives to the scene of the injury, he assists the guest and lets them know that medical help is one the way, all while staying in contact with the police dispatchers. Andrew waits for the paramedics to arrive, then documents the activity and generates a report.

According to Rinehart, the ARO position requires someone who is able to multi-task, has good decision-making skills, works with minimal supervision and is computer savvy.

“Andrew was a great fit for the job,” said Rinehart. “He embodies all of those traits.”

Andrew said that even with the new tasks, he’s not done learning and looks forward to more challenges. He’s currently attending St. Petersburg College, working toward a degree in Public Policy Administration.

“I’m not sure what I see myself doing down far the road, but I know I want it to be at the Airport,” said Andrew.