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Main Terminal Modernization Moves Ahead

August 4, 2011

Changes designed to enhance the customer experience

TAMPA – Today, Tampa International Airport continued to move forward with its complete redesign of the terminal as it awarded the design-build contract for the Main Terminal Modernization project (MTM) to Hardin Construction Company. 

“The main terminal facility has been refurbished in the past,” said Airport CEO Joe Lopano, “but this project is so much more. This redesign is an upgrade to both form and function that will preserve the ambiance of the main terminal while significantly enhancing the customer experience.”

The modernization is a comprehensive renovation project which includes:

Interior design - The project is a comprehensive modernization of the terminal and will implement the vision and concepts of the interior designer selected to evaluate and plan the redesign of the entire facility – instead of one level at a time. This will help ensure that the updated appearance will have a common theme throughout. Designers are evaluating everything from flooring to fixtures, furniture, lighting and wall coverings – to create a modern, open space that will reflect the relaxed and refreshing “Florida feel”.

Updated restrooms – Restrooms (16 total) on all three levels of the main terminal will be upgraded to include new durable materials that will project a high end feel while standing up to the high volume of customers. Designers will also strive to implement the “hands-free” technology that results in cleaner and more efficient facilities.

Upgraded flooring – Designers will evaluate a variety of flooring for enhanced appearance and durability. Currently, two of the three levels of the building are almost completely covered solely by carpet – a material that shows greater wear and stains. On the baggage claim level, and at several of the newer airside facilities, use of a combination of hard flooring materials has proven to be an option that is both durable and aesthetic.

Renovation and redesign of the Aviation Authority business offices and meeting space – to reflect the new organizational structure of the Aviation Authority and provide greater accessibility and efficiency for our customers interested in doing business at Tampa International Airport.

The project also includes several new features, designed to enhance customer service and bring greater community involvement into the airport including:

  • New customer outreach centers – a new fixture of the third level that will be place for customers to learn more about Tampa International Airport. Visitors will be able to take a behind-the-scenes look at special features and functions of the Airport and the Aviation Authority.
  • New tourism centers – a new addition to the baggage claim area where arriving visitors will meet a friendly face and learn about all the events and attractions available in the Tampa Bay area. Make more efficient use of waiting area space on level 3; redesign options include enhanced comfort zone seating, television viewing areas and display areas to promote Tampa Bay as a vacation destination. Using displays allows the Airport to infuse Tampa’s culture and heritage into the design, as well as promote the abundance of arts, museums, beaches and attractions to showcase all of Tampa Bay as a region, bringing the community into the airport.
  • USO – A USO facility will be incorporated into the redesign to serve the needs of the strong military presence in Tampa Bay.
  • Improvements to the chapel - the Airport Chapel will be relocated for enhanced accessibility and additional improvements
  • Dynamic signage – today’s new technology in dynamic signage offers tremendous flexibility in visual displays. Unlike static signage, messages are more visible, quickly changed when needed, and can rotate images to display a greater amount of information.

Although some of the new features are included to improve the look and feel of the airport, many of the improvements are a direct response to changing needs of the business traveler. Today’s airport customers both need and expect different amenities than they did even 10 years ago. Although already enjoying the free Wi-Fi at TPA, business customers also need quiet space with plenty of access to power for devices, and surface work area.

This redesign is also an acknowledgement of the important role the airport plays in welcoming tourists to the Tampa Bay area. The airport is the Gateway to the West Coast of Florida and the airport experience often makes a lasting first impression on visitors. “We want them to know that they have arrived in Tampa,” said Lopano. “This is a world class vacation destination and the airport needs to be a reflection of that.”

The projects will be completed in phases, a requirement in place to ensure continuous efficient operations of the airport and minimal impact on customers and tenants. The Project Completion date is scheduled for Summer 2013; total budget for Main Terminal Modernization project is 20 million dollars. 

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