17:50 PM

Nothing says progress like rebar on the rise

elevator and pile cap construction 2

In recent days, crews have begun to build the rebar skeleton for an elevator shaft at the new SkyCenter atrium – the building that will help link the 35-acre development area to the Rental Car Center. It’s the first vertical construction at the site, which will feature the atrium, an office building, hotel and other commercial spaces.

Construction will only pick up from here.

Crews will place concrete through June, building higher and higher into the sky. Steel work is expected to begin shortly afterwards, in July, and will continue through the summer. The steel will form the exoskeleton for the atrium.


Other ongoing activities:

  • Crews have taken over half the Cell Lot, placing underground utilities and preparing to build the new Cell Lot restroom. Crews will begin building the new restrooms, as well as the new flight arrival/departures boards, in July.
  • Work on the elevated pedestrian bridge is expected to begin in summer with the construction of the walkway’s large support column.