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Poffertjes, anyone? Here's five foods to try in Amsterdam

Say “Kaaaaas”

Whether Gouda, beer cheese, aged cheddar or parmesan, you’re likely to find a great variety of the dairy derivative among the many cheese markets in Amsterdam. Not sure what you like? No worries – there’s likely a connoisseur nearby to answer all of your cheesy queries.


Who said fries were French? In Amsterdam, they’re done Dutch – thick cut and topped with mayo, onions, curry ketchup or peanut sauce. Drooling yet?


The Stroopwaffle is a sweet, sticky staple in Amsterdam made up of two thin crispy waffles glued together by a syrupy substance. Any Dutch street market or bakery is likely to carry these treats.


The Dutch do not discuss delicacies without the mention of raw herring. The salty, pickled fish can be found at Haringhandels or Herring carts throughout the city. Locals recommend sampling the fish between May and July when it is said to be the sweetest.


A funnel cake, a zeppole and a pancake walk into a bar – what happens next? Poffertjes are born. These fluffy delicious clouds are served with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a dollop of butter to take your taste buds on a sweet, savory ride through Dutch heaven.

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