19:07 PM

Progress Update: Work on TPA’s Flamingo is nearing completion

The final pieces of the giant flamingo-shaped puzzle are coming together.

The custom ceiling tiles arrived last month, and after weeks of prep work in ensuring everything is in place underneath, the tiles will be installed within the next couple of weeks, completing “HOME” by Matthew Mazzotta. The 21-foot-tall flamingo sculpture first arrived at TPA back in April, but its journey from concept to construction has been two years in the making.

After the artist and project coordinators meticulously aimed the projectors to ensure the lighting is just right, they are now ready to start putting up the reflective tiles, which will give the illusion of being beneath the water’s surface. Following closely after that will be the addition of small metal bumpers on the floor around the bird, giving the illusion of shadows from the rippling water above while doubling as a tactile sign to the visually impaired of the flamingo’s location, making the huge statue ADA compliant. Once completed, theflamingkid (2) yellow barricades will come down and passengers at the airport will be able to touch and interact with the flamingo. 

As the long-awaited addition nears the finish line, visitors are encouraged to take photos with “HOME” and share them using the hashtag #MeetMeAtTheFlamingo. The public art piece has already created buzz around the world and is expected to be a popular landmark for visitors landing in Tampa. 

The 21-foot-tall flamingo is expected to be completed later this summer. Stay tuned for updates!