21:14 PM

So what's next? Here are five cool things coming to TPA

New shops and restaurants, new train system, new rental car center, new outdoor spaces. But wait! There's more ...

You asked, we heard you! In addition to the major upgrades, renovations and new facilities we've completed and continue to work on at Tampa International Airport, we've got some highly requested improvements in our projects pipeline over the next couple of years. Here are five awesome things we think will make TPA even better:


HYDRATE NEAR YOUR GATE: Water bottle filling stations are scheduled to be installed at each Airside, which will reduce plastic waste and encourage passengers to bring refillable bottles. These stations will dispense streamlined, filtered water into any vessel, saving the planet – one less plastic bottle at a time!


FRIENDLIER FEEDINGS: We understand nursing in restrooms or hunting for quiet spots in an airport is never ideal. We will be building mothers' nursing rooms with comfortable seating areas, outlets and plenty of privacy. Expect one per airside and one in the Main Terminal by Spring 2020.


RESTROOMS FOR ROVER: At the post-security Airside terminals, an airport or airline worker must be available to escort you if your service dog needs to do his business. We'll soon offer Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA’s) with animal waste bags and waste bins, offering accessibility for our passengers traveling with their accompanying animals.


CHUG NO MORE: Passengers often mistakenly pack or carry drinks as they approach the security lines with their carry-on luggage. Soon-to-come water dumping stations give folks a chance to dump out their liquids before entering the TSA checkpoints. 


SIMPLER SCREENING: Merging safety priorities with passenger convenience, E-gates will automate shuttle entry processes while biometrics will make the international check-in process quicker and easier.