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Tampa Airport’s Main Terminal Modernization Project Begins Next Phase

November 14, 2012

TAMPA - Carpet’s coming up and tile is going down as Tampa International Airport begins work on the second phase of its Main Terminal Modernization Project. Workers in the coming year will renovate the remainder of the terminal’s restrooms, replace the carpeting on the ticketing level with a combination of new carpeting and decorative but durable tile, and install dynamic signage throughout the terminal. 

“The people who built this airport over 40 years ago came up with a brilliant design that makes Tampa International amazingly easy to use,” said airport CEO Joe Lopano. “At the time, it also had what was considered a highly modern interior design. We’re going back to the future with this project, and once again creating a sleek, modern look for the terminal.” 

Phase 1 of the $30 million project, which included renovations of half of the terminal’s restrooms and the addition of Visitor Information Centers and video walls in the baggage claim area, was completed in late August, in time for the Republican National Convention.

Phase 2 includes new functional furniture on the Transfer Level with plenty of outlets and work surfaces. The walls surrounding the escalators will be replaced with a clear glass to give a brighter and more open feel to the building. Most notably, the walls around the elevators throughout the main terminal will be resurfaced with colored-glass, covering the original brick that has been in place since the terminal was built.

“We knew that it was important to keep the red and blue color scheme that has been a part of the airport’s identity since it opened in 1971. But by resurfacing with a glass element, we keep the color as a wayfinding feature, while modernizing the appearance of the terminal,” Lopano said. 

Portions of the project on the busy ticketing and transfer levels will require periodic closure of elevators, escalators and walkways to complete the work, but airport construction manager John Mallory said impacts to airport users will be minimal. “Interior projects at the airport take strategic planning for proper phasing,” Mallory said. “Besides being a 24/7 operation, this airport is a facility that holds itself to a high standard of customer service and it is crucial that we do everything possible to minimize inconvenience to our tenants and airport users.

The Main Terminal Modernization is scheduled for completion in October 2013.