21:38 PM

Tampa International Airport Police Department earns reaccreditation honors

After a thorough and rigorous review process, the Tampa International Airport Police Department is officially reaccredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement (CFA).

Recognized as the premier state law enforcement accreditation program in the United States, CFA awards the  prestigious honor after conducting an in-depth look at every aspect of the agency’s organization, management, operations and administration. Accreditation typically includes an extensive review of an agency’s policies, procedures and protocols as well as an on-site inspection and interviews with key personnel. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the process is currently a combination of electronic document review and virtual interviews.

The police department underwent the three-day intense review process in December. By the end of the third day of review, the Commission had reviewed the department’s documentation for nearly 200 mandatory and non-mandatory standards as well as conducted interviews with more than 23 agency staff members. The official accreditation was awarded on Feb. 18.

“I am proud that the Commissioners unanimously voted for reaccreditation of the Tampa International Airport Police Department,” said Chief of Police Charlie Vazquez. “It speaks to the level of dedication and professionalism each member of our Department and the Airport Operations Center displays on a daily basis. With accreditation, our guests, tenants and employees can have confidence that their Airport Police Department is among the finest that the great state of Florida has to offer.”