20:13 PM

The real story behind those mounds on the ground

Have you recently driven into Tampa International Airport and seen several large, multi-colored and somewhat mysterious piles of stuff? You may have asked yourself: What’s up with all these mounds on the ground?

Well, we’ve got your answers!

As part of Phase 2 of TPA’s Master Plan expansion, which includes a 35-acre commercial development area, new curbsides and roadways, we’re bringing in a lot of dirt, grinding up lot of old asphalt and piling up in ample top soil and limestone for future projects.

Let’s get to know some of the mounds on the ground:









Orange mound – This sturdy fill, which hails from a pit just north of Tampa, is used under structures and walkways and is known for its excellent compaction characteristics. Perfect for heavy buildings and structures to sit on!








White mound – You’re looking at limestone, which will be used as a base layer for future roadways.








Black mound – This mound is made up of asphalt millings – basically just diced up asphalt – and it is used for temporary staging pads, haul roads and other temporary functions.









Brown mound – You guessed it, this one is dirt! Well, technically, top soil. This will be used in green areas to help plants grow big and strong.