16:35 PM

TPA boosts employee wellness with Peerfit

Laurie Noyes was looking to mix up her usual workout routine when she heard about Tampa International Airport’s new partnership with Peerfit.

Peerfit offers free access to about four classes every month at any of 175 different fitness centers in the Tampa Bay area.

Yoga? They’ve got it. High intensity circuit workouts? Pilates? Cycling? All covered.

“It’s a great opportunity to try something new and different,” said Noyes, TPA’s VP of Concessions and Commercial Parking. “It’s also a healthy way to hang out with your friends.”

For her, Peerfit’s digital platform is a perfect way to find a class that fits her busy schedule. Almost immediately, she signed up for Zumba, a ballet boot camp and trapeze flow.

“I’ve taken really fun classes that I’ve wanted to try, but not commit to yet,” she said.

Peerfit is the latest wellness initiative at Tampa International Airport, which also offers employees a $500 annual reimbursement for fitness programs, weekly group stretches, healthy snacks and free yoga sessions at the airport.

“What I love about Peerfit is that it ties TPA’s legacy of innovation to our wellness program,” said airport CEO Joe Lopano. “Even better, it’s a local company so we’re supporting the growing Tampa Bay tech sector.”

Peerfit is already a hit with airport employees. More than 116 team members have registered for the service since the program launched in early May. Employees like Aimee Pidgeon, who has already done five spin classes through Peerfit.

"I often get bored with traditional gym workouts, so I feel this is perfect for me," she said. "I am constantly inviting peers to come and work out and try something new."

Signing up takes only a few minutes: Just download the app, enter your information and start searching for your favorite gym or fitness class.

“Oh, yes, I love it,” said Events Manager Maria Cook, who uses the app to augment her monthly yoga routine. “It’s like a dream come true. It works!”

Board Services Administrator Violet Cummins agreed. Cummins, who was feeling stuck in her gym routine, wanted to find a creative way to get a workout in. After searching through the local options, she found a winner: Jazz fun/cardio dance at the Hip Room Studio in Tampa.

She tried it. She loved it.

“It was so much fun,” she said. “My goal was to try something other than what I was used to.”

She says already signed up for another dance class and is looking forward to trying others.

The airport gives employees 16 credits per month, which is enough for roughly four classes per month, depending on which classes are chosen. Some studios are even cheaper: A monthly membership at Crunch fitness is only 8 credits – meaning it would be free, with credits leftover to try other classes. Popular fitness options include: CycleBar, Youfit, The Bar Method, CrossFit, Pilates, Gold’s Gym, boxing and many more.

Peerfit also offers video classes, and the ability to sign up for classes in other cities, so users can stay active while traveling.