17:52 PM

TPA’s latest airfield project keeps traffic in line

While there’s been lots of emphasis of terminal safety in light of COVID-19, airfield safety still remains a top priority at Tampa International Airport.

One of the Airport’s latest airfield projects, the Airside Apron Service Road, is being described as one of the biggest airfield safety initiatives adopted in recent years. The new road, which will begin taking shape this month, establishes designated traffic lanes for ground service equipment around the airsides and leading to and from the baggage tunnel.

Brian Washburn, Senior Manager of Operations says the new roadway will improve airfield safety in many ways.

“The new roadway creates a vehicular network system for ground service equipment, maintaining a safe distance from both aircraft parked at the gates and on the adjacent taxilanes and taxiways. And by creating a designated pathway, it helps to reduce the chances of debris, known as FOD, from becoming scattered around the apron,” says Washburn.

Washburn says that the roadway will also allow the Airport Police Department and Operations to better monitor vehicles speeding on the airfield.

“The speed limit on the apron is only 15 mph and that can be a problem to enforce with so many vehicles traveling on aprons. By adding more traffic control, we can better use our resources to monitor these areas and make sure that everyone is adhering to the rules.”

Although no new construction is required, establishing the apron roadway system requires the application of precise markings in the non-movement area. The Airport received plans for the first phase of the project from consultant RS&H, which TPA’s Maintenance Department will begin implementing soon. The entire project is scheduled to be completed later this year.