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Training center for avionics technicians opens at Plant City Airport

Courses at Avionica USA are scheduled to begin in mid-March with day, evening and weekend class times available.

Those looking for a career in aviation now have a brand new way to break into the industry without breaking the bank.

Avionica USA, in affiliation with the University of Central Florida’s Continuing Education Program, opened up its newest campus with a grand opening at the Plant City Airport on February 12.

AvioncaThe school prepares students for careers as avionics technicians dealing with all of the wiring, communications and navigational systems now commonplace in modern day aircraft.

“It’s a huge opportunity to really do something that’s affordable with a great return,” said Janet Collado, the Executive Campus Director of Avionica’s new Plant City Airport campus. “You don’t need a background in the aviation industry to get these skills and within six months, you could have a job.”

Avionica is enrolling students for classes set to being March 14. Courses will be offered for part-time students with day, evening and weekend options available.

The 72-hour course can be completed in 3 months and provides passing students with an Avionics Technician Certificate from the University of Central Florida followed by preparation time for the FCC licensing exam and job placement assistance. There are also plans for an intensive two-week course which allows students to attend full-time and graduate faster.

The school touts a 98 percent success rate for students earning a certificate with 83 percent going on to pass the FCC exam.

15“When I look at the investment versus the return that you get, it’s definitely a no-brainer,” said Collado.  “It’s an opportunity to be debt-free and start a very good career with a lot of opportunity for growth, with very little investment.”

The average pay for entry levels jobs within the industry is around $59,000 in Florida, Collado says.

Tuition for the entire course, review for the exam, testing and job placement costs $6,500 with financing options available.

“It’s a very good location that makes it convenient for people from multiple counties to get to,” said Collado.

The school will also bring in business to the Plant City Airport while helping create job opportunities for those who may have never imagined working on planes.

“Businesses like Avionica are critical to enhancing our business diversity at the Plant City Airport and generate a significant economic impact for the community,” said Brett Fay, the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority’s Director of General Aviation. “We could not be more excited to welcome Avionica to the Plant City Airport. Their partnership with UCF will create tremendous synergy and provide opportunities for students right here in our local community to receive training that will prepare them for a career in the avionics industry.”

The campus plans to enroll just ten students in each class to help ensure personalized instruction. About 80 percent of the course is considered hands-on learning.

If you’d like to find out more about the program or would like information on how to enroll, visit the Avionica America website here.