14:10 PM

United Airlines to increase TPA’s nonstop San Francisco service to twice daily

Keeping up with demand for the popular route, United Airlines will increase its Tampa-San Francisco service from one flight a day to twice daily service beginning June 6, 2019. The schedule of the additional frequency will give Tampa passengers more choice when planning trips to the Bay area as well as a more ideal option for Tampa area business travelers looking to make a quick round trip. 

While TPA’s current service on the United schedule requires at least an overnight stay in the Bay area, business flyers will now have the option of arriving in San Francisco in time for an afternoon meeting or dinner and will be able to depart out the same day on the added red-eye service. 

A top priority of Tampa International Airport’s air service development for years, TPA’s service to SFO launched in February 2017, filling the void for the largest U.S. unserved market between two cities in which 191 passengers a day traveled each way. Since the launch, TPA has seen traffic between the two markets increase 22 percent, with fares declining 5 percent.

The additional service is also expected to make one-stop access easier to several Asian markets for TPA passengers. The early evening departure from TPA will provide an easy connection to several overnight flights departing SFO to Asian markets. Likewise, the new morning departure from SFO will allow Tampa passengers a quick and seamless connection from Asian flights arriving at SFO first thing in the morning. The additional frequencies greatly enhance the opportunities for Tampa passengers to travel one-stop to several large Asian markets, particularly those in China with complementary schedules. 

The current daily flight between TPA and SFO operates at the following times:

  • Depart TPA at 8:50am, arrive SFO at 11:14am
  • Depart SFO at 1:45pm, arrive TPA at 9:59pm

The new TPA schedule with the added frequency will operate at the following times:

  • Depart TPA at 8:50am, arrive SFO at 11:14am
  • Depart TPA at 7:15pm, arrive at SFO at 9:39pm
  • Depart SFO at 10:05am, arrive at TPA at 6:19pm
  • Depart SFO at 10:45pm, arrive at TPA at 6:59am

Tickets for the United flights between Tampa and San Francisco can be purchased at www.united.com