15:24 PM

Voice of TPA contest winner hears her voice on the shuttles for the first time

Casey Phillips is used to hearing her voice on TV, radio and speakers.

Now she can add a new one to the list: Hearing her voice on an airport shuttle.

“Believe it or not, sitting on the tram is how I knew I wanted to live here," said Casey Phillips, who is the sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "So it seems like fate that my name would be chosen completely at random just to get the chance to welcome people to a city that has given me so much right at the spot where I knew that this is where I wanted to be.”

The Voice of TPA contest ran from mid-May - through June 14 and invited the community to donate for entries to win a chance to be the shuttle voice at Tampa International Airport for the month of July. As a part of the Airport's giving campaign, an annual partnership with United Way Suncoast, each $5 donation counted as one entry. Phillips donated $50, earning her 10 entries, and through a random drawing of more than 900 names, Phillips’ name was chosen.

“I saw the advertisement talking about the contest and, first of all, I love United Way Suncoast, so just the idea of getting to donate to them was reason enough," said Phillips. ”Then when I saw there was a chance to be the voice on the tram, I thought, I just have to do this."

Phillips, being a member of the Bucs community, brought her squad with her - Bucs cheerleaders and the Lombardi Trophy - as she listened to her voice on the shuttles for the first time. 

The contest ultimately raised $16,501 for United Way Suncoast, a regional nonprofit organization that offers financial support, early learning and youth development programs to Tampa Bay communities.

"Giving back is part of the fabric of our organization," said Airport CEO Joe Lopano, "So when we first talked about launching this contest to help the United Way and really leverage how much people love this airport, it was a no brainer."

The Airport and United Way Suncoast hope to carry the new tradition into years to come and thank all who donated as a part of this initiative.