15:24 PM

Red Side Arrivals traffic will see lane shift for construction work

The temporary change is necessary as crews build a Departures bridge for the Red Express Curbsides on the north side of the Main Terminal.

Red Arrivals Exit detour

Travelers on TPA’s Red Side Baggage Claim will experience a temporary traffic shift starting next week as construction on the Red Express Curbsides progresses.

Red Arrivals diagramNormally the exit lane from Red Side Arrivals, outside the Red Baggage Claim on the first floor of the Main Terminal, is to the left side of the Departures ramp and merges onto the George J. Bean Parkway.

On Monday, January 8, the exit lane will shift to the right side of the ramp (shown above), adjacent to a loop normally reserved for shuttles, buses and taxis.

The lane shift will be in place into early March.

Signs, barriers and traffic workers will direct vehicles through the detour. The impact to traffic is expected to be minimal.

The shift is necessary as construction crews build the Red Express Departures bridge above the roadway. The work is part of the new Red Express Curbside going up where the Airport’s old Administration building once stood.

The Red Express Curbsides will mirror the current Blue Express Curbsides that opened in 2021 on the other side of the Main Terminal.

These lanes are part of Phase 2 of the Airport’s Master Plan and are scheduled to open by Summer 2025.